Hey my name is Richard Levisee of Richard's Home Repair Since 1999; we have been providing professional Quality service to the Central Arkansas area. We offer a wide range of services to help you with your project. A lot of my 20yr experience has been in the insurance home repair industry. Termite, Fire, Water and Storm damage is what I'm good at and it is also what I like to do.

My company is small and that is the way I like it. I only have one or two big jobs going at the same time. I'm always on the job! Some of the jobs that I get are thing like custom woodworking, custom Trim, custom closets and custom made desks. I'll even build a custom dog house for that very special furry friend.


My pricing for one helper and me is $80.00 an hr

I have special pricing for contactors, realtors, and others that can give me work on a regular basis.

One helper and me is $60.00 an hr

Something I love to do but I can’t all the time. I have tried. But my bank account will not allow me too. I love to help others that can’t afford to have work done around there house by donating work. I wish I could do that ever day. I would be the happiest man in Arkansas!

So I have a very special prices for those who qualify. One helper and me $40.00 hr.

If your someone that likes to help others. You can SPONSOR A JOB! WE will put you or your company link on my sponsor page. This is a great way for you to help someone in need! For more info about SPONSOR A JOB. If you know someone that needs my services. Send them a link to my website. Thanks


Wayne Bradley, West Little Rock, 6-20-11 (Customer) Nature of work: Floor repair. 501-940-4988

Rose Jones, North Little Rock, 3-23-11 (Customer) Nature of work: Termite repair work. 501-378-5619

Tish Edgar, North Little Rock, 3-23-11 (realtor) Nature of work: Home repair for houses that are about to be sold. 501-951-5478

Chien Chen, Little Rock, 3-20-10 (Customer) Nature of work: Home repair, sheet rock and painting. 215-609-6628

Gale Otte,North Little Rock, 11-8-10 (Owner of Choice Real Estate Group) Nature of work: Home repair for houses that are about to be sold. 501-837-6288

Roberta Sheppard Peterson, Little Rock, 10-14-10 (Customer) Nature of work: Home repair. 501-837-6288

Ray and Carol Dawson, Sherwood, 10-13-10 (Customer)Nature of work: Gutters, Sheet rock repair, painting, repaired damaged wood, repaired wood soffit and fascia. 501-519-7511

Virgina Haul, Sherwood, 10-13-10 (Customer)Nature of work: Gutters, Sheet rock repair, painting, repaired damaged wood, repaired wood soffit and fascia. 501-835-2347

Leanor Howell, Sherwood,10-10-10 (Customer)Nature of work: Sheet rock repair and painting. 501-835-3760

Randy Ferguson, Little Rock, ( Home Builder and Land Developer ): 501-529-5722

Curtis Eurp, Benton,(Paint Contractor )Nature of work: Home repair 501-249-0693

Joey Richardson, Bryant, ( Forman for Jason Sims Construction )Nature of work: Trim work 501-454-8085

Linda Bayliss, Pine Bluff, ( Customer )Nature of work: custom dog house and decks 870-879-5040

Fred & Martha Pohnka ( Customer ) : 501-590-0795

Danny Barger ( Customer ): 501-982-7665

Dewayne Mathis, North Little Rock ( Clark Exterminating Co., INC. Dewayne is incharge of termite repair work)Nature of work: Termite repair work 501-258-9343

John Clark, North Little Rock ( Part Owner of Clark Exterminating Co., INC.)Nature of work: Termite repair work : 501-758-0322

Rieta Murchison, Sherwood, ( Sales Associate Georgia Hollowell and Assoc., Inc. ) : 501-258-7111

Lance Pelton, Bryant, ( Farmers Insurance Group ) : 501-847-8141

If you are one of my customers and would like to be added to this list give me a call or send me an email. Thanks

Richard Levisee


Richards Home Repair


I am a highly Motivated and affective person in Cabinet installation, interior trim, exterior trim and all other phases of carpentry. Seeking a position as a sub contractor within the home repair, new construction and home remodeling fields.


My goal is to bring all of my 20 years of experience in home repair and remodeling to help home owners and contractors to achieve their goals. I will be able to build a successful business for myself by following these goals. To make customers and contractors happy is my # 1 objective in business.


•  Fire Restoration

•  Water Damage Restoration

•  Termite Damage repair

•  Sheet Rock repair

•  crown molding

•  installing cabinets

•  installing Decks

•  installing all types of Doors

•  Tile Work

•  Countertops

Professional Experience





Worked as a sub-contractor from 1999 – 2003



Framing house



Worked as a remodeling carpenter building cabinet, decks, countertops and installing a lot of trim.



Sub-contractor framing storage building and cabins that we called the weekender





R&R ROOFING 1987-1989


Insurance Information


Contact: Lance Pelton Ins Agency

2213 N. Reynold Ste 5

Bryant, Ar. 72022


He can fax you my ins info.


Have transportation and all tools required to perform job. click here for References.