My pricing for one helper and me is $80.00 an hr

I have special pricing for contactors, realtors, and others that can give me work on a regular basis.

One helper and me is $60.00 an hr

Something I love to do but I can’t all the time. I have tried. But my bank account will not allow me too. I love to help others that can’t afford to have work done around there house by donating work. I wish I could do that ever day. I would be the happiest man in Arkansas!

So I have a very special prices for those who qualify. One helper and me $40.00 hr.

If your someone that likes to help others. You can SPONSOR A JOB! WE will put you or your company link on my sponsor page. This is a great way for you to help someone in need! For more info about SPONSOR A JOB. If you know someone that needs my services. Send them a link to my website. Thanks