Termite Repair Pictures

Looking at this termite repair job it looks like just a little bit of base board has been damaged.

After we removed the sheet rock you can see that the tremites have damaged a lot more then a little bit of base board.

We didn’t remove the old damaged boards but we did nail in new studs next to the termite damaged boards. Some of the boards still have some good wood that the OSB and siding is still nailed to.

When we repair termite damaged sheet rock walls. We retexture the whole wall from one corner to the other and paint one corner to the other. I have been doing termite repair work for years. When you call Richards Home Repair to repair your termite damage you will not have to worry if the job will be done right. We get it right the first time.

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This is the beam that goes across the front porch. About 16 feet of this beam had to be removed.

Termite damage to the beam on the out side of the house.

This top plate has been badly damaged.

The top plate and the stud has been damaged from termites.

Termite damage to some base board.

Termite damage behind the crown molding.