This home repair job is something we do a lot of, soffit and fascia. All the damage to this soffit and fascia was from the roof. The fascia was installed wrong causing water to get in under the shingles. The fascia was install up higher than the roof causing the shingles to curve up over the fascia.

Fireplace foundation and termite repair. Richards Home repair was called out to a house because of the fireplace hearth was starting to sag. The hearth was builted on top of the floor. It should have been built from the ground up. After removing the rock and the plywood I could see that the joist and all the wood under the fireplace had a lot of termite damage. We couldn’t repair the damage from under the house so we had to remove the rock from the outside of the house. After making all the needed repairs. We reinstall the rock on the out side of the house. On the inside we put in a footer and install blocks. Filled the area with some fill and reinstall the rock hearth. We framed up to and around the hearth.

We are your termite repair specialist. Severing the Little Rock, Bryant, Benton and N. Little Rock area. So if you are experiencing termite damages and want to put an end to it give me a call!
This termite repair job was in Sherwood, Arkansas. WE had to replace studs, OSB, sheet rock and trim. The termites damage started at the bottom of the wall all the way up to the top plate of the wall. You can see by looking at this termite repair job how well we do are job. We get the job done right the first time. A lot of the work I do is from someone or some company calling because they call someone that didn’t have the know how or care about the termite repair job to do it right.

Sheet rock ( Drywall ) repair video from a house in Little Rock Arkansas. On this job there was a link fromt the roof causeing the sheet rock to get wet. We removed the damaged sheet rock and install a new sheet. The old ceiling had a popcorn texture. We remove it and sprayed a smooth texture a more up to date look.


Sheet rock (drywall) repair in Little Rock Arkansas. In this bathroom a small crack was in the title letting water in. After a little time of water getting in we had to remove all the title to fix the sheet rock and studs.

This was one of my favorite jobs. I have never built a dog house like this be for. The dogs owner was so happy to have such a nice dog house for her dog. I will never forget her smile when she first looked at it. I have a lot of fun doing jobs like this one so if you have a project you need to get done give Richard's Home Repair a call.